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EA Pulled Promised Battlefield 1943 from PS3’s Battlefield 3

by Joey Davidson | October 26, 2011October 26, 2011 6:30 pm PST

For a refresher on the previously announced PlayStation 3 exclusive for Battlefield 3, slide the video clip above to the roughly 7:40 mark. That’s a developer from DICE chatting with the PlayStation Blog during the E3 in June of this year.

EA did not include that free copy of Battlefield 1943, the download-only shooter that DICE put out a few years ago, in the PlayStation 3 copies of Battlefield 3 that launched this week. They’ve decided to back away from that offer entirely. Instead? As stated by the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account, PlayStation 3 gamers are being treated to a week of timed-exclusivity for all of Battlefield 3‘s DLC:

“…In lieu of Battlefield 1943 being available on disk with BF3, EA has made all expansion packs available early to PS3 customers.”

Battlefield 1943 was a well-received, multiplayer only, donwloadable title that took both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade by storm when it released. While the game may be several years old at this point, a lot of PlayStation 3 users were genuinely excited by the news that they would see it for free if they stuck to the PS3 as their platform of choice.

The single week of DLC exclusivity that’s being offerend “in lieu of Battlefield 1943” hardly seems like it packs the same level of value as a free game. Battlefield 1943 costs $15. Rather than a week of early DLC, should PlayStation 3 gamers have instead been treated to the first round of post-launch content for free?

The argument could be made, of course, that a game several years old like Battlefield 1943 is probably done selling in massive quantities. Therefore, the free content given away in Battlefield 3 likely wouldn’t cost EA any money in sales. Giving away brand new DLC, however, would.

Did you buy Battlefield 3 hoping for your free copy of 1943 for the PlayStation 3? Or, had you completely forgotten about the offer until you read this post?

[via NeoGAF]

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