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PS Vita Software Devs Decide External Memory Card Necessity

by Joey Davidson | October 25, 2011October 25, 2011 8:45 pm PST

We recently ran a story that showed which Japanese titles for the PS Vita would require an external, proprietary memory card from Sony in order to employ save slots. The story that you’re reading right now introduces another wrinkle into that previously released roster of games.

It turns out that PS Vita game developers have a choice to make when it comes to how saving will be handled for their software. They can either have their games save data to the physical media they ship on or to the PS Vita’s external memory card; however, they cannot design their products to do both at once. Games will either save with their own internal memory or the Vita’s external memory, but never both.

Moreover, games that say they require a memory card in order to save reportedly require said memory card to actually play. If there’s no card present in the system at boot, you won’t be able to partake at all.

The news comes from Kotaku of Japan as they reached out to Sony for comment regarding the decision to support some games with internal save slots and not others.

The interesting wrinkle this news provides, while not explicitly implicated as such, is that Sony is not dictating to developers which games should save and which should not. Developers themselves are actively choosing to require players to purchase memory cards. Whether or not that decision is born out of a lack of space on the game cards themselves has not been clarified.

The PS Vita will launch on December 17th in Japan and February 22nd, 2012 for several western territories. The base launch price of the unit in the States is $250. While specific memory card and software prices have not been indicated yet, a lot of gamers expect to drop roughly $325 at launch in order to enjoy one game and a small memory card.

[via Andriasang, source Kotaku]

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