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iHelicopter – Control a Helicopter with your iOS Device! (video)

by Jon Rettinger | October 25, 2011October 25, 2011 1:30 pm PST

This piece of technology strays off our usual beaten path, but it is nonetheless a fun gadget to have around.

For those unfamiliar with the iHelicopter, it is controlled using any iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) – simply download the controller App from the App Store and plug in the transmitter. The App itself brings up a control menu that will allow you to elevate the helicopter and rotate the rear propellor for precision control, as well as an A/B/C band selection that enables up to three iHelicopters to fly in the same space at once.

As you’ll see in the video, controlling the iHelicopter is a difficult thing to master, but it’s loads of fun. During our hands-on, the helicopter’s durability was definitely pushed to the limit, especially considering how often we found ourselves slamming into walls, tables and everything else around the office. Additionally, we did find the receiver to be hit and miss when connecting to the iHelicopter, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Overall, the iHelicopter is a fun gadget to have that will help kill the more dull moments throughout the day.

You can pick up your own iHelicopter at

Jon Rettinger

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