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Grand Theft Auto V Officially Coming

by Joey Davidson | October 25, 2011October 25, 2011 5:05 am PST

Grand Theft Auto V is officially coming.

Not much to report here, just the simple logo and note you see on the right hand side of this story. Rockstar Games have taken that logo and made it the massive landing page for

In fact, enjoying that logo is all you can do on the Rockstar site so far today. Using bookmarks and Google search links for unique areas within, like their Newswire, actually redirects users to the logo.

Practically ever since Grand Theft Auto IV hit store shelves, gamers have been looking forward to Rockstar’s next take on their crime-ridden open world universe. Rockstar is undeniably a company capable of much more than just GTA, as they proved with Red Dead Redemption, but fans will always associate their logo with the likes of Liberty City or San Andreas.

As the splash indicates, Rockstar Games will post a trailer for GTA V on November 2nd; that’s next Wednesday. We’ll be sure to snag it and any news it brings immediately.

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