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BBM Music for BlackBerry Shows Up Early in Best Buy Canada Ad

by Sean P. Aune | October 25, 2011October 25, 2011 8:30 am PST

BBM Music Best Buy ad

BBM Music has been rumored for a while now as coming to BlackBerry handsets, but it has yet to be officially announced. It seems that someone forgot to fill Best Buy Canada in on when exactly they were supposed to start discussing it in ads.

A reader sent in a picture of the ad you see above to CrackBerry, and since it was the star of the ad, we’re guessing this really was a case of mixed signals.  As the ad copy is a bit hard to read, here is what it says in full.

BBM Music is BlackBerry’s music sharing service which allows friends to share and discover music together.  With a catalogue of over 10 million songs, it lets you build yur music profile and share your tunes, access your friends’ profiles, make new friends and listen to their music selections.

We still have no idea when exactly BBM Music will be coming to the masses, but seeing as there is information floating around – we assume Best Buy didn’t just pull these points out of thin air – we have to guess that we aren’t to far off from its release.

Do you have any interest in BBM Music?

[via CrackBerry]

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