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Steve Jobs Biography Hits Bookshelves Today

by Sean P. Aune | October 24, 2011October 24, 2011 8:01 am PST

Steve Jobs biographySteve Jobs, the highly anticipated biography of the Apple co-founder and long-time CEO by Walter Isaacson, hits bookshelves and digital formats today.

Originally scheduled for release in 2012, the biography of the notoriously private Steve Jobs was moved up significantly, originally for reasons unknown.  As the charismatic businessman stepped down from his CEO position in August, the reasons became a bit clearer.  The book has been a hot seller on various pre-order charts for months now, and finally we’ll get a bit more of a look behind the curtain at the man who helped shape the computer landscape as we know it today.

For reasons unknown, the book did roll out last night to Kindle owners in the early evening.  As it wasn’t even midnight on the East coast yet it is unclear why the copies appeared before the October 24 release date, perhaps it was done to tie into the 60 Minutes interview with Isaacson that had aired just shortly before, (Publish Simon & Schuster and the CBS network which the news program airs on share the same parent company.)  Whatever the reason, social sites lit up last night with numerous messages of people questioning whether they should go to bed or start reading the book.

Isaacson was hand-picked by Jobs for the task of being his official biographer having seen the work the author had done with books about Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.  The author was at first reluctant to take on the task, but he finally agreed to the project after numerous attempts by Jobs to persuade and a call from the computer maker’s wife.  He conducted over 40 interviews with reclusive co-founder and spoke with hundreds of co-workers, friends, family members and business rivals.

From early reviews, the book paints a portrait of a man who could be a harsh taskmaster, but was driven from an early age by the fact he was adopted.  Could it potentially tarnish his legacy with Apple?  Of course, but more than likely it will just elevate his reputation that much further.

Will you be reading Steve Jobs?

Sean P. Aune

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