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Battlefield 3 is now Available

After months of hype, analysis, speculation, trailers and screenshots, Battlefield 3 has finally launched. DICE has been worked hard for several years in developing Frostbite 2, the engine behind the product, and they promise to deliver one of the best looking PC games currently available on the market.  (At least on the East cost of the United States as this is posted. – Sean)

Console gamers, of course, we’ll also be able to pick up their versions for either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

We’ve done a ton of coverage for this mega-release, so feel free to hit our archives for your fill of news blips, rumors, controversy and media.

The marketing and spoken word for this title has pitted it directly against Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Well, today is the start of the official ground war between both titles. Now that Battlefield 3 has arrived, those looking to support one title and not the other have their chance. Modern Warfare 3 will have its shot starting on November 8th.

Let’s do a quick survey in the comment section of this post… Will you be buying Battlefield 3 ? What’s your platform of choice? Once you’ve given it that first play, what do you think?

For PC gamers specifically: how do you feel about the mandatory use of Origin?

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