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Google Launches Android Market Film Rentals in the U.K.

Android Market movie rentals U.K.

Android users in the U.K. are now able to take advantage of movie rentals through Google’s Android Market on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The service has been available in the U.S. since this May, but from today, British users are able to access over 1,000 movies on-demand from as little as £2.49 (approx. $3.94) a time.

Once you’ve purchased a new rental, it can be downloaded to your device so that you can enjoy the movie without a data connection, which is great if you’re often stuck on long journeys on the train. You’ll have 30 days to watch each rental once you’ve made your purchase, but once you hit that play button, you’ve only got 48 hours to watch the movie — after this time it’ll be removed from your device.

Movie rentals aren’t limited to the device you purchased them on either. So if you make a rental on your smartphone, you don’t have to watch the movie on that device — you can also watch it on your Android tablet, or on your computer as long as you’re logged in with the same account.

Google seems to be making some effort to expand its services to those of across the Atlantic, with a number of launches in the U.K. in recent weeks. In addition to movie rentals through the Android Market, Google also rolled out Google Books to British users earlier this month, and YouTube movie rentals a day later. I for one am hoping that Google Music will be next on the list.

Have you tried renting a film through the Android Market in the U.K. yet?

Killian Bell

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