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Battlefield 3’s Campaign Focused Launch Trailer

by Joey Davidson | October 21, 2011October 21, 2011 7:30 am PST

DICE and EA have just posted the brand new launch trailer for Battlefield 3 that you see above. The entire clip, checking in at nearly two minutes in length, is centered around the game’s campaign, rather than the recent multiplayer trailer.

Here’s the description of the video, as per the YouTube channel:

Winning over 60 industry awards, Battlefield 3 is out next week. Our launch trailer gives you a preview of the intense single player campaign. A sinister power is rising in the Middle-East, and Marine Sergeant “Black” discovers how far he would go to defend his country.

Battlefield 3 is the first in the direct series of the brand to feature an actual plot line. By that, we mean that it’s the first in the direct franchise to feature characters and more than just loosely identified warring factions. DICE has already demonstrated that they’re capable of building a proper narrative from start to finish with both Bad Company and Bad Company 2, but Battlefield 3‘s story may actually prove as a bit of a challenge.

The Bad Company games are known for being bombastic and over-the-top; however, the trailer for Battlefield 3 above seems to indicate that DICE is going for a much more serious and straightforward war story this time around. Let’s hope they nail it. We’d always welcome another narrative focused, first person, war shooter into the genre.

Battlefield 3 is officially less than a week away from launching. On October 25th, DICE and EA’s next big military shooter will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

Who’s buying it?

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