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Website Lets You Star In Your Own Horror Flick

by Adriana Lee | October 19, 2011October 19, 2011 10:30 pm PST

Privacy concerns have long played out all over the media, with some users freaked out about sharing their likes, dislikes, location and other information. This, however, takes that theme to a whole new level: There’s a website called Take This Lollipop that lets you create your own scary vid starring a Facebook stalker who hunts you.

Imagine it: Some sweaty kook gets his creep on behind the keyboard. All flushed with insanity, he finds his prey (you) on the social networking site. The camera cuts to your Facebook profile, as the maniac gets agitated rifling through your online pics. Ironically, to make this fictional bit of stalking work, you have to grant access to your Facebook account. The site doesn’t store any of your information, it merely places your pics and other info inside the storyline.

This is well shot, and not nearly as cheesy as it easily could’ve been. That’s to the credit of Jason Zada, a California-based TV and music director who conceived and created this customizable video. He worked with a cinematographer, actor and developer to make this hobby project come to life. And yet, it only took a month to whip it up, Zada told the New York Times. Maybe so, but that’s not stopping it from getting decent buzz and a herd of site visitors — the first day it went live, he says, 300,000+ people jumped on and authorized Facebook access.

Is this such a hit because it’s nearly Halloween? Or maybe it struck a nerve with today’s privacy worries? Regardless, this bit of fun fluff is getting serious attention right now. If you give it a try, let us know if you find the end result to be chilling or not.

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