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Battlefield 3 Gets New Multiplayer Trailer

DICE and EA have released a brand new multiplayer trailer for the upcoming military shooter, Battlefield 3. Within the clip that runs more than one and a half minutes in length is a glimpse at every map in the game at launch.

Here’s what the studio and marketing team have for the description of the video:

Check out intense gameplay action from each of the nine multiplayer maps available along with the very first glimpses from our upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand. This expansion pack, featuring four classic Battlefield maps reimagined in Frostbite 2, is yours at no extra charge if you pre-order the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Finally, at the tail end of the trailer, we’ll actually get a glimpse of the map from the regularly teased and promoted “Back to Karkand” expansion. EA and DICE have slapped their Karkand promotion at the tail end of every single Battlefield 3┬átrailer that they have released this year. So, in case you’ve never read it before, if you pre-order the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, you’ll get “Back to Karkand” for free; however, those that don’t pre-order the game will be able to snag this DLC at a later date.

I’m always a big fan of remade, classic maps, so I’ll definitely be looking into the DLC once it launches for the general public. Pre-ordering Limited Editions of products has never really been my thing, so it looks like I’ll be paying for this content somewhere down the line.

Battlefield 3┬álaunches on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 25th, which is actually next Tuesday. We’ve been covering this, and so many other games, for basically a year; seeing them all dropping now is scaring us.

Will you be snagging this much-hyped game when it hits retail and downloadable marketplaces next week?

Joey Davidson

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