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Saints Row: The Third Trailer Takes Aim at MW3 and BF3

Making a parody of other, infinitely more “serious” properties is something the Saints Row franchise can get away with quite easily. Its bombastic characters, over-the-top storylines and positively absurd gameplay afford it the luxury of being able to point and laugh at just about everything in the gaming industry.

It’s with the trailer above that Saints Row: The Third takes advantage of said luxury and aims directly at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Between the static ridden sound effects akin to the Battlefield 3 marketing and the hallmark sound-wave logo from the Modern Warfare franchise, this trailer starts and ends with hardly subtle jokes.

The joke goes even further with the YouTube video description. We’ve bolded the best bit, in case you’re more of the skimming kind…

Terrorist insurgents? Been there. Unruly Taliban? Done that. The Third Street Saints? Now that’s a challenge.

The only military force in the world capable of answering the call is STAG, the Special Tactical Anti Gang unit, outfitted with hover jets, speeder bikes, laser tanks, and one hell-of-a flying aircraft carrier.

As STAG occupies Steelport and takes aim at both the Syndicate and the Saints, you’ll have to adapt, overcome, infiltrate, penetrate, and execute all sorts of military-sounding words.

Saints Row: The Third is being developed by Volition, the usual studio behind the series, and is set to release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on November 15th. Also launching at the same time will be an OnLive version of the game.

You read that right, November 15th … the day that will completely decimate the wallets of gamers on a massive scale. This holiday season has been robust, and Saints Row: The Third, along with the games it mocks in the trailers up top, are big reasons for the heavy release roster.

We’ll have more on this game, and other big holiday properties, as it comes.

Joey Davidson

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