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Level-5 Bringing Layton to iOS

Before you wonder whether or not this is one of Nintendo‘s specifically licensed characters that’s getting a shot on Apple‘s iOS platform, understand that this will not be an adventure through the eyes of Professor Layton and Luke. Instead, this Layton iteration from Level-5 is actually The Layton Brother’s. The Professor Layton puzzle solving games still, apparently, remain exclusive to the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Level-5 has announced that they will release a brand new, detective-like, case solving mystery game to the iOS. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room is the title shown off in the trailer above, and it appears to bring iOS gamers touch-based evidence collection, interrogation and crime solving.

This will be the first Layton game to appear on a non-Nintendo device, however, Level-5 is not a Nintendo exclusive developer. While Layton may currently be exclusive to Nintendo hardware, Level-5 must not be bound to keep things that way moving forward.

DS owners that have actually played any of the Professor Layton games in the past will likely line up to tell potential new fans all about the greatness of the sometimes overlooked series. While the titles are always commercially successful, they very rarely come up during discussions between gamers. Which, as far as this fan is concerned, is a shame. The stories are always good and the puzzles within are incredibly smart; Professor Layton is a brand that has done a lot to earn respect among both critics and fans.

If Layton Brothers: Mystery Room for the iOS platform is as good as the Nintendo DS counterparts, this may well be one of the best games for purchase in the App Store at launch. Level-5 is a great developer, so you should prepare to make the purchase now. A price point and release date has not been announced, nor has the English localization of the game. One would assume its Japanese success will dictate its worldwide release.

[via Touch Arcade]

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