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Doc Brown’s DeLorean Is Relaunching in 2013 And It’s Going To Be Electric

All-Electric DeLorean DMC-12

You’ve already auctioned off your home to buy a pair of Marty McFly’s Nike MAG sneakers on eBay, so selling your wife and kids for Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 should definitely be next on your to-do list. You just can’t have one without the other. But don’t worry too much about fuel costs, because this DeLorean, made by the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas, is “all-electric.”

The company behind this car is famous for its restorations of the vehicle made famous by the Back to the Future movies, and in 2013, it will launch a brand-new all-electric model built in conjunction with electric car start-up Epic EV. It announced the new DMC-12 in a post on its blog entitled “This sucker’s Electrical??”

Your Houston News reports that the new model will boast 260 horsepower and will be capable of speeds up to 125MPH. But of course, you won’t need it to go any faster than 88MPH. Although there’s no Flux Capacitor, the all-electric DMC-12 is expected to cost a six-figure sum.

For that price, however, you do get a built-in iPhone dock, so you can introduce your own Flux Capacitor with the help of a $0.99 Flux Capacitor app from Pocket Paradox, LLC.

At that kind of price, the all-electric DMC-12 will be all but a dream for most of us, but for any Back to the Future fan, this has to be the ultimate method of transport. At least until we get that hover-board anyway.

What do you think of the all-electric DeLorean?

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