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Developer Gets iPhone 4S-Exclusive Siri To Work on iPhone 4

by Emily Price | October 16, 2011October 16, 2011 8:08 am PST

Siri is an iPhone 4S-exclusive feature, but that hasn’t stopped the developer community from trying to get it to work on other handsets. One developer, Steven Throughton-Smith has been working on porting the service over since launch day, and was successful with his port yesterday.

As is stands now, Siri’s interface can load up with all the features or the app; however, Apple is not authenticating commands to its servers from iPhone 4 hardware, so the it’s not exactly functional.

Siri was originally a third-party app available in Apple’s App Store. Apple purchased the application in April of last year. The fact that the software is able to run on an iPhone 4 isn’t entirely surprising.

Part of the drawback to the original Siri was the processor in the iPhone. Siri required a faster processor to run smoothly, which is present in the iPhone 4S, and possibly why the functionality is not available for the iPhone 4.

Those of you who have the iPhone 4S: What do you think about Siri? Those who don’t: Is in a function you would like to see made available on older versions of the iPhone?

Emily Price

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