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Samsung’s Lawyers Unable To Tell The Galaxy Tab and iPad Apart

by Emily Price | October 15, 2011October 15, 2011 8:04 am PST

Chances are you’ve probably heard of a little lawsuit going on between Samsung and Apple over the similarities between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab. The two companies have sued each other in an assortment of countries, with Apple actually managing to be successful in a few of those and scoring an injunction against the sale of the Galaxy Tab.

Things got a little interesting this week in a U.S. courtroom when U.S. District Judge Lucy Ko held both the Galaxy Tab and iPad above her head, and asked Samsung’s lawyers to point out which was which. Throughout the proceedings, Samsung has maintained that the any normal person would be able to instantly tell the difference between the two (possibly because of the huge Samsung on on Galaxy Tab); however, when posed with the task a Samsung attorney who was standing 10-feet away acknowledged that she was unable to differentiate between the two.

When the judge asked if any Samsung attorney was up to the task, one of the company’s counsel stepped forward and was able to pick the right tablet.

Judge Ko made the ruling Thursday that the Galaxy Tab does infringe on some of Apple’s patents (not entirely surprising when the company’s own lawyers can’t tell the tablets apart). She stopped short of blocking Galaxy Tab sales; however, because Apple’s patents may or may not be valid. Apple will now have to prove the validity of those patents.

This is certainly an interesting chapter in the ongoing Samsung/Apple saga. I think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 do look strikingly similar, but I would like to think I could tell the two apart from 10-feet away. What do you think? Could you definitely tell which was which if a judge held both tablets up in front of you?

[via Reuters]

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