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Chomp now Supports Single Sign-In, Binds Twitter Even Tighter to iOS 5

by Noah Kravitz | October 13, 2011October 13, 2011 1:00 pm PST

Chomp is making a name for itself as one of the leading ways to sift through the hundreds of thousands of apps out there in order to find a few that you might actually prove useful. Powered by a proprietary algorithm based on user preferences and app metadata gathered from the Web and social media as well as app stores, Chomp allows users to search for apps and share their discoveries with friends. With some big name VCs behind them and a high profile partnership with Verizon to boot, they’re a name to keep an eye on as “apps” replace “applications” in the modern computer user’s lexicon.

Today the San Francisco-based company announced support for iOS 5’s Twitter single sign-in feature. You know, the one that lets you link your iDevice to your Twitter account on the system level and tweet from this, that, and the other app via the platform-wide “Share” menu? In the company’s words,

The new feature allows users to quickly and easily find other Twitter compatible apps on the App Store. The Chomp App automatically utilizes a user’s Twitter handle to sign-in and create a Chomp profile. Users can then download apps and Tweet app reviews to their Twitter followers.

Personally, I’ve been a TweetDeck user since I became a TweetHead – mainly because it allows me to publish once to multiple platforms including Facebook – and so have resisted the official “Twitter Way” of doing things. Now that Apple and Twitter have gone and gotten into bed together vis-a-vis single sign-in, the sheer convenience of tweeting from Safari may well make it hard for me to resist at least a small change in my ways. Third-party adoption of single sign-in will only make it easier to rely on the official Twitter for iOS app instead of my trusty, “Spam Facebook, LinkedIn, AND Twitter at Once!” TweetDeck.

Chomp for iOS is a free download from the Apple App Store, and there’s a free Android version as well.  Anyone out there a fan of Chomp? Or a hater? Sound off!

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