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Battlefield 3 Trailer Shows Off Destruction

by Joey Davidson | October 12, 2011October 12, 2011 8:15 am PST

Prone to motion sickness or epileptic seizures? If so, you probably won’t want to watch the trailer we’ve posted above. It’s flashy, spastic, jittery and moves like a Michael Bay film on crack.

It’s the Battlefield 3 destruction gameplay trailer.

Fans of the Battlefield franchise, especially in its most recent outings, can attest that the series does environmental destruction pretty well. Whole vehicles, walls and buildings can be casualties of both small and large scale firefights. Even better, and this has always been something worth getting excited over, the destruction feature in the game can be used to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies.

Say, for instance, a group of snipers and support players are huddled up in a building towards the fringe of a multiplayer map. In other games, your only ways of taking them down would consist of getting into the building physically, firing rounds through open windows or tossing grenades in their vicinity. With Battlefield, however, you’ll be able to blow apart their cover, piece by piece.

Plus, the crumbling of structures in games, if done well, always looks fantastic.

DICE calls destruction in Battlefield 3 one of its “pillars.” While we’d never say that’s the number one reason someone should consider giving the franchise a try, we’d definitely assert that destruction has been a great highlight for this series.

Battlefield 3 is set to release for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 25th. Will you be snagging the game?

Joey Davidson

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