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Several PS Vita Games Priced for Japanese Retailers

by Joey Davidson | October 11, 2011October 11, 2011 10:16 am PST

Let’s put this out there here and now before you get down to the price points for these games: Japan typically sells video games for prices that scatter from cheap to expensive. Just because the game is listed at 6,000 yen in Japan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be converted to $78 USD when it hits American shores.

Keep that in mind as we get down to the prices below.

As far as we’re concerned, the unveiling of PS Vita game prices in Japan should be construed as a great thing. Not because the points for the games fall within a certain range, which, as we already said, doesn’t really matter yet, but because of the simple fact that the digital versions of titles are being offered for less money than the physical, retail copies. That’s the way it should be, but that doesn’t mean Sony could have decided otherwise.

Sony controls the prices of their content on the PSN. It’s a closed marketplace, the company can dictate that players pay any price they’re given. That said, we love the fact that they’ve made the right decision and are selling digital copies of titles at a discount.

The news of these pricings comes from Andriasang, as printed on Joystiq. Here’s the breakdown for some of the games priced so far:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss | Card: ¥5,980 ($78 USD) | Digital: ¥4,900 ($64 USD)

Ridge Racer | Card: ¥4,980 ($65 USD) | Digital: ¥4,480 ($58 USD)

Katamari Damacy no Vita | Card: ¥4,980 ($65 USD) | Digital: ¥4,480 ($58 USD)

Now, before you find the nearest bridge and jump, please recognize that the yen is currently stronger than the US dollar. Four years ago, one US dollar was worth something like 120 yen. Today, one US dollar is only worth around 75 yen. That’s a massive drop. The prices for the games above, mark it down, will not be the same when they reach shores outside of Japan.

Sony would, effectively, kill the PS Vita right out of the gate.

[via Joystiq and Andriasang]

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