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Gears of War 3 Freezing Glitch Damaging Profiles

by Joey Davidson | October 10, 2011October 10, 2011 1:31 pm PST

This morning saw gamers taking to the Epic Games forums in waves as a new glitch has made its way into Gears of War 3. According to multiple sources, players that fire up Horde Mode with local, split-screen play while logged in with two separate profiles are running into a freezing bug. They are unable to boot up their games and will find that one of the profiles will be damaged enough to not work in any other game mode, permanently.

As of writing this story, Epic Games is on the case (We’re picturing their entire staff milling about the office in Inspector Gadget costumes… why? No idea.) Joystiq got word of the bug, pinged the developers about it and were handed a positive response. Here’s what Epic had to say:

“Getting this resolved is a priority for Epic. We are collecting information internally, sourcing as much as possible from the community and exploring potential fixes. We do not have any recommendations to share with players just yet.”

The studio posted a survey in response to the news of the bug and its effects after learning of the widespread nature. They are, supposedly, using that questionnaire to gather enough information to discover and implement a fix for this issue. Be sure to take the survey if you fall into the group of players experiencing this problem.

No word has come yet regarding this bug’s solution or the fate of those profiles damaged as a result of it. We hope that Epic may be able to repair any game-side problems internally, but we wouldn’t go so far as assuming as much.

While Epic does “not have any recommendations to share with players” yet, we do: stay off of Gears of Wars 3‘s Horde Mode until you hear otherwise.

Have any of you readers experienced this bug on your Xbox 360s first-hand yet?

[via Joystiq]

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