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Sprint To Get 4G LTE In 120 Markets Next Year

by Mike Perlman | October 7, 2011October 7, 2011 8:45 am PST


Although we’re not at the Sprint Strategy Event today, Cnet has already gotten the scoop that Mellow Yellow will be getting 4G LTE connectivity in 120 markets in 2012. Sprint also reportedly announced that they would release 12 to 15 4G LTE-compatible devices to compliment the launch of their new network. By 2013, Sprint wants to spread its 4G LTE networks into 260 markets.

According to a screenshot of a presentation slide from today’s event, Sprint expects its very own 4G LTE network to debut mid-year in 2012, along with its first 1900MHz devices to launch alongside it. WiMAX devices will continue to be sold throughout 2012, so if you are an EVO owner, there’s nothing to fear yet. While Sprint has built its WiMAX network with Clearwire, they have opted to build their very own 4G LTE network this time around.

While Verizon Wireless has had its 4G LTE network since early in the year and AT&T recently rolled out their LTE network, Sprint’s effort lags quite a bit behind the competition. Naturally, while Sprint will be rolling out its LTE networks next year, Verizon will most likely be tooling around with the next step up from LTE. In order for Sprint to truly take the reins, they need to introduce a network that transcends 4G LTE speeds outputted by AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile will be the last carrier to roll out 4G LTE if the merger with AT&T does not prevail within the coming months.

Fortunately for Sprint, the company’s¬†acquisition¬†of the iPhone will bolster their CDMA customer base, especially with their competitive Unlimited Data plan.

[Via: Cnet]

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