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Gotham City Impostors Gets Awesome Animated Trailer

Gotham City Impostors is the upcoming multiplayer, download-only, first-person shooter from Monolith Productions. While a solid release date has not been set for the title yet, gamers who want in will be able to grab it on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network or on the PC platform during the beginning of 2012.

The animated trailer above shows off a little bit of the Gotham style irony that might go down once these fake Batmen and Joker goons decide to go at it in the streets of their city. The animation look, while not exactly like the Batman cartoons of the 90s, certainly fits the style of the medium from which Batman is pulled.

I was able to take the game for a spin during E3 this past June. Quite honestly, Gotham City Impostors took me by complete surprise. It was one of those situations where I was the odd man out during demo time with Arkham City, so I chose to hang out in WB’s booth by playing some of their open titles. This shooter was free and I figured it would be a good way to pass 15 minutes. Instead, I played for close to 30. It’s fast, frenetic and pretty addicting.

We ran a trailer a few months back that featured Gotham City Impostors‘ strong emphasis on customization. Essentially, you’ll be able to deck out and tweak your combatants to an insanely finite degree. Your character will, hopefully, be yours and yours alone.

Sure, the game may be a little unique in its concept and implementation, but we look forward to these types of diversions from the norm. We’re willing to bet that, while not exactly being the most popular game to release, Gotham City Impostors shapes up to be a strong, downloadable shooter for each platform it drops on.

Are you interested in picking it up?

Joey Davidson

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