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AT&T is Trying to Persuade Apple to Show 4G in Status Bar of New iPhone 4S

by Brandon Russell | October 7, 2011October 7, 2011 6:15 pm PDT

AT&T Logo

Come October 14, Apple’s new iPhone 4S will invade all three major U.S. carriers. You’d think they’d all be the same, right? Not exactly. Only AT&T’s version will get the special treatment in the form of faster download speeds as confirmed in a press release.

The new iPhone 4S will support HSPA+, getting up to 14.4Mbps over the previous 7.2Mbps, which only AT&T supports between the three companies. Of course, those speeds aren’t guaranteed depending on where you live, but theoretically you can download twice as fast if you’re on AT&T.

In a document obtained by Thisismynext, it seems AT&T is attempting to further highlight this point by “working with Apple” by changing the iPhone 4S’s indicator to display as 4G in the status bar. It’s a clever move on AT&T’s part. If it does indeed happen, you can bet AT&T will flaunt the fact that their phone is superior as being the first 4G iPhone. Although, as we already know, HSPA+ isn’t actually 4G.

via [Thisismynext]

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