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RAGE Packs Wolfenstein Easter Egg (Video)

RAGE is the brand new, semi-open world, first person shooter from id Software. The game released this Tuesday. id Software is the studio behind a lot of the gaming world’s most classic FPS title, like DOOM and Wolfenstein.

The company elected to pay tribute to their own earlier work in this recent console and PC outing. They’ve done so by way of a delightful easter egg that players can find on their own during the first action-oriented mission of RAGE‘s campaign.

Make your way to a bandit hideout, take out a few of their gang and approach a hidden door. Slide open a normally textured wall to find a room built straight from the plans of classic PC gaming within. This is a tribute to Wolfenstein, and , as such, you’ll be able to step into the room and pick up the Wolf Goblet; a “Very rare antique jewel encrusted goblet. Looks to be of German craftsmanship.”

There are other nods to products related to RAGE‘s developer and publisher, as well. In fact, when you enter one of the game’s hub cities for the first time and enter the mayor’s office, you’ll be able to snag your on Pip Boy bobble-head. Pip Boy, of course, is from Bethesda‘s Fallout franchise. Bethesda is RAGE‘s publisher.

RAGE is currently available for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be warned, PC gamers, there are reports of a sub-standard experience with your version of the game. id is supposedly working on fixes, but don’t go in expecting a perfect property.

Joey Davidson

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