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iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S II Spec Shootout

Apple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2I’ve been using an iOS device since the first iPhone launched in 2007, but after 15 months, I began to grow bored of the iPhone 4. Why? The temptation to own the best Android device on the market right now, the Samsung Galaxy S II, was strong.

That gorgeous Super AMOLED display is the perfect size at 4.3-inches, the processor is super quick, and it’s the thinnest Android device available. In order to secure another big chunk of my wages and tie me into another two-year contract, then, Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone had to compete.

While there was no sign of that rumored redesign, the new iPhone 4S does have some awesome new internals, and that incredibly impressive Siri assistant. But does it do enough? Let’s take a look…

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It’s pretty clear from the comparison chart that both devices have their advantages. While the processor in the iPhone 4S won’t be clocked at more than 1GHz, Apple’s A5 processor is famously quick in the iPad 2, and it won’t disappoint in the new iPhone. It’ll certainly be just as smooth and seamless as the Galaxy S II.

The biggest difference here, I think, is that front-facing camera. On the Galaxy S II, you get 2-megapixels for snapping pictures of your own face, but on the iPhone 4S, Apple has stuck with that slightly disappointing VGA camera.

My verdict? For a happy Android user, the iPhone 4S isn’t worth converting for. But if you’re already a lover of iOS, Apple’s operating system — coupled with those improvements in the new iPhone — are most certainly enough to keep the desire for a Galaxy S II at bay.

What do you think?

Killian Bell

Killian Bell is a 20-something technology journalist based in a tiny town in England. He has an obsession with that little company in Cupertino...