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iPhone 4S, iCloud & Siri Official Videos, Plus The Full Apple Event, Recorded Live (vids)

by Adriana Lee | October 5, 2011October 5, 2011 3:36 pm PDT

Is the iPhone 4S really a worthy successor to the 4? Is iCloud and Siri worth all the hype? And how did Tim Cook do in his first media event as Apple‘s head honcho? You’ve read all the coverage and opinions, now it’s time to see for yourself. The embedded vids below are the official iPhone 4S, iCloud and Siri marketing clips, followed by the press event video, in its entirety.

So did seeing this for yourself change your mind about what’s to come? Did it make you more excited about the iPhone 4S, the software or the CEO? Or is it (possibly still) lackluster to you? Take a peep, and then share your thoughts below.


Introducing the iPhone 4S

Introducing iCloud

Introducing Siri

The Full Event Presentation
(This embed isn’t on Apple’s YouTube Channel, but uploaded by a third party. Emily reports that Apple has its own official event video up now, so if this gets pulled, you can still view it by clicking here.)

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