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Apple Announces iPhone 4S Pricing for U.K.

Good morning, my British brethren. Looking forward to the iPhone 4S? Yeah, me too. But how much is it going to cost for those of us in the U.K.? Well, it’ll start at £499 (approx. $772) for the 16GB device, which is just £70 (approx. $108) more than the 8GB iPhone 4.

If you want more storage, you can bag the 32GB device for an additional £80 (approx. $124) at £579 (approx. $896), and the 64GB device comes in at £659 (approx. $1,019).

Those of you who are reading this from the U.S. will probably be shocked at those hefty price tags, but it’s worth remembering that the iPhone 4S prices in the U.S. typically include a two-year contract. Whereas those U.K. prices apply to the unlocked device which can be used on any carrier.

Although we’re still waiting for news on U.K. network deals for the iPhone 4S, we’re expecting most of the major carriers to offer the new handset. And as you’d expect, if you grab it on contract you’ll pay a significantly subsidized rate, much lower than that for the SIM-free model.

Apple made the iPhone 4S pricing official for the U.K. earlier today, and like those in the U.S., Canada, France and Germany, we’ll get the device on October 14.

I can’t wait for the iPhone 4S to hit the U.K. I was hoping for a completely redesigned iPhone 5 yesterday, but that 8-megapixel camera, A5 processor, and the awesome Siri assistant in the new device will tide me over until that iPhone 5 dream becomes a reality.

Will you be queueing up for the iPhone 4S on October 14?

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