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Just to Confirm, Apple’s New iPhone Will Not Support 4G LTE Networks

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While we can safely assume that Apple’s new iPhone will boast an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera, one thing that you should not be getting your hopes up for is 4G LTE capabilities.

This is a feature that has only cropped up a number of times in recent rumors, and the consensus has largely been that LTE wouldn’t feature in Apple’s next smartphone. However, just in case you were still holding out any hope, The Wall Street Journal confirms that the iPhone 4S/5 will not support America’s fastest data networks.

The news won’t be a surprise to those of you who have been following the iPhone rumors during the past goodness knows how many months, but thanks to some recent reports from mainstream news outlets, WSJ thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight:

According to people familiar with the company’s plans, the hotly anticipated device won’t operate on long-term evolution or WiMAX fourth-generation networks. Those wireless networks promise speedier downloading to mobile devices of episodes of television programs, as well as cute baby photos.

The people said the device will work on 3G networks, which are broadly in use today and are the standard for the current iPhone 4. AT&T says its HSPA+ network has 4G-like speeds.

That also makes yesterday’s rumor of a Sprintexclusive iPhone 5 seem even more unlikely.

Support for LTE networks has always seemed like a feature that the iPhone wouldn’t boast anytime soon. While Apple famously uses the latest technology in its gadgets, tradition tells us that it won’t fall into the trap of adopting certain technologies will they’re still largely premature. 4G networks are still only available in some parts of the U.S., and here in the U.K. they’re non-existent.

Will you be disappointed that Apple’s new iPhone isn’t 4G-capable, or were you expecting this?

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