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Introducing Brandon Russell

by Brandon Russell | October 3, 2011October 3, 2011 1:15 pm PST

Brandon Russell


Fall is upon us, and it is only fitting that, as the change of season rolls by, I undertake a transition of my own: Having roamed the vast, dusty plains of Techland all by my lonesome, I have finally found a home among the TechnoBuffalo herd and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have traveled down a familiar path, fellow Buffalo. After graduating from California State University, Long Beach in 2009, I felt lost; commonplace for most college graduates. I’d liken the feeling to being stuck in an elevator, which I have been twice. So I did what was easy, accepting a full-time job with a company I’d worked for while I was in school. It wasn’t ideal, but work was work. A year later I still felt the same.

Then something great happened. Newport Beach-based Churm Media began accepting internship applications, so I immediately jumped at the chance. I interviewed, took a writing test (which was subsequently published on, and three days later I was official. Now I freelance for the company, writing the Green and Edge features for OC Metro.

Aside from my brief experience with Churm Media, this will be my first full-time gig as a writer. I’m a Buffalo. It’s an incredible privilege, and I hope I can continue the high standards already held by TechnoBuffalo and our faithful community. As we get to know each other, my aim will be to bring you the best possible content in the most open and honest way.

Tech is a complicated beast, dear Buffalo, with some extremely passionate followers. As we continue to roam, it is only natural for us to disagree on some topics; it is the nature of the business. Let us remember, though, that it is our love for technology that brings our herd together and keeps us excited for the future.

With the Winter months just around the corner, I hope you and I will build a strong relationship and that our conversations be intelligent, open minded, insightful and our love for tech remain strong.


Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.