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Samsung Offers Apple A Deal, Tries To Launch Galaxy Tab 10.1 In Australia

by Emily Price | September 30, 2011September 30, 2011 5:00 pm PDT

Samsung has reportedly offered Apple a deal in order to get its Galaxy Tab 10.1 on store shelves in Australia.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung is attempting to work out a settlement with Apple over their current patent dispute in the country in order to get the Galaxy tab 10.1 on store shelves by the holiday season.

The Galaxy Tab’s release in Australia has been delayed by a court ruling that temporarily barred the device form being sold. The Australian court has not yet ruled on whether Samsung is I fact infringing on any of Apple’s patents, and whether or not the device will be able to be sold in the country.

Earlier this week Samsung agreed to remove two features from the Galaxy Tab that were covered under Apple’s existing lawsuit, the one remaining patent dispute in the country is over touch-screen display technology.

The details of Samsung’s offering to Apple have not been made public. Should Apple accept the deal, the Galaxy tab 10.1 could go on sale in the country as early as next week.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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