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Amazon Has No Plans to Launch Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch Outside U.S.

Poll - Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, or KindleSince Amazon announced a lineup of new devices at an event in New York yesterday, I’ve been refreshing its U.K. webpage in the hope that pre-orders for the Kindle Fire would be opening up to us internationals anytime soon.

It’s a huge disappointment, then, to hear that Amazon has no plans to bring the Kindle Fire, or the Kindle Touch to territories outside the U.S. anytime soon.

Amazon U.K. has confirmed to Pocket-lint that neither of the company’s new devices are set to leave the U.S. as things stand:

“Today, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are available only in the US,” a spokesperson from Amazon UK told us. We had asked why only the non-touch Kindle version was available on the UK site,

Amazon is yet to give a reason why the devices won’t be selling internationally, but the news will undoubtedly be a disappointment — and a surprise — to those who were looking forward to getting their mitts on the $199 tablet in particular.

Although the Kindle Fire is expected to compete with Apple’s hugely successful iPad, I struggle to understand how it hopes to do that while it’s exclusive to those in the U.S.

It’s worth noting, however, that Amazon has not confirmed that these devices will never leave the U.S. — it has simply confirmed that there are no plans for an international launch at this time. We can all keep our fingers crossed and hope that the situation changes sometime soon.

Tablets are incredibly popular here in the U.K., and it seems as though a device as cheap as the Kindle Fire would be a huge hit this Christmas. It’s likely the device’s will be available on sites like eBay shortly after its launch, but it will certainly be sold well above its original retail price.

Are you disappointed that the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch won’t be leaving the U.S.?

[via Pocket-lint]

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