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PS Vita Originally Set for December 3rd Launch in Japan

by Joey Davidson | September 28, 2011September 28, 2011 11:15 am PDT

Japan will see an abundant stock of PS Vitas at launch thanks to Sony’s decision to push the hardware’s release back by two weeks.

In an interview with the weekly Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Sony Computer Entertainment President Hiroshi Kawano revealed that his company once had plans to release the PS Vita in Japan on December 3rd. The news comes by way of Andriasang; that site suggests that Sony liked the 12/3 date for its quirky 1-2-3 cuteness.

However, they’ve opted to skip out on the cutesy launch date (no, not because it worked so well for Sega’s Dreamcast on 9/9/99) in order to take time building up a big stock of hardware. The PS Vita is launching in Japan on December 17th, two weeks after the original date, so that Sony can stockpile enough units to meet consumer demand.

Andriasang indicates that President Kawano expects the first 500,000 units of the system to sell out very quickly.

We think the decision to move a launch date back by a few weeks is not only good for consumers, but good for company image. Especially since Kawano so readily admits that the choice was made in order to shore up for customer demand. This revelation means Sony is supremely confident in the PS Vita’s potential success.

That confidence could translate to even stronger brand trust amongst Japanese consumers, and that trust means more sales for Sony.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to actually be able to sell the hardware to people that want it. Turning customers away in stores due to a lack of stock won’t help boost the system’s crucial install base.

[via Andriasang]

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