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Android App Player for the BlackBerry PlayBook Won’t Be As Good As You Thought

by Killian Bell | September 28, 2011September 28, 2011 5:00 am PST

If you’re the owner of a BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ve undoubtedly been waiting for those major improvements to the device’s OS that RIM has been promising for some time, which will introduce key features such as email, contacts, calendars, and the most exciting feature of all: Android App Player.

That Android App Player might not be as marvelous as you had first anticipated, however. RIM engineers speaking at DroidCon, part of the Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit in Romania, detailed the limitations of running Android applications on the PlayBook — and it doesn’t look good.

Though the feature will allow the PlayBook to run Android applications on its QNX platform, there are a number of things that will hinder its usability. Thinq reports:

Android’s famed battery-sucking Live Wallpaper, SIP and SIP VoIP, anything built using the Native Development Kit, apps containing only App Widgets, and apps containing more than one activity tied to the Launcher.

In addition, any packages which rely on Google Maps, in-app billing services, Android’s text-to-speech engine, or the cloud-to-device messaging system will all be rendered unusable under the company’s runtime system.

That’s a lot of things that RIM has ruled out, and it’s going to mean your Android experience on the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t going to be seamless. Many of the applications you download and install may not function at all when you attempt to run them.

While we may have expected a few minor limitations with the Android App Player, that list is larger than I had anticipated, and I can’t help but feel PlayBook users won’t be happy about it. Those who have been patiently awaiting the feature are going to find it may not do all the things that they want it to, and it may only add to the growing list of frustrations that PlayBook owners have been suffering.

What do you think about this? Are you unhappy that Android App Player won’t be all you expected?

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