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Barnes and Noble Prepping Two New Nooks for Xmas?

by Noah Kravitz | September 23, 2011September 23, 2011 11:07 am PST

Amazon’s not the only online bookseller making gadget news today. Like they’re “just” a bookseller these days, but I digress. Barnes and Noble is prepping two new additions to their Nook line of e-readers as part of their fourth quarter plans, according to documents obtained by The Digital Reader.

A slide leaked to the site lists three ereaders as part of B&N’s Q4 plans, including the $139 Nook Smart Touch (currently known as Nook Touch), and two Nook Color variants: The $349 Acclaim and the $249 Encore. TDR’s Nate Hoffeider says the slide was used in a planning meeting last week and that notations on the document likely point to the plans having been signed off on by B&N’s CEO and head of Digital Products. He also mentions that “Encore” is the internal product name for the current Nook Color (which I’ve long been a fan of), which features a 7-inch color touchscreen and a custom operating system based on Android 2.x. The thinking here is that B&N is likely launching an upgrade to Nook Color in time for holiday shoppers to add it to their wish lists.

As for that pricier “Acclaim” model? There may be an unexpected and interesting story behind that one. Stay tuned for more…

[Source: The Digital Reader Via: TechCrunch]

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