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iPhone 4G Instead of iPhone 5? Best Buy Leaks Apple Gold (UPDATE 2 – Nope)

by Mike Perlman | September 22, 2011September 22, 2011 8:32 pm PST

Consider, if you will, this theory. The smartphone world will not see an iPhone 5 in the year 2011. But we will see an iPhone 4G. Yes, an iPhone 4G–it makes all the sense in the world! Below is a screenshot of a Best Buy inventory page that lists an Orlando Magic-themed silicone case for the iPhone 4G. Warning: this thing is hot off the press.

iPhone 4G Leak
Although even we were skeptical, the Best Buy employee assured us that this case was not listed the previous week and just sprouted up today in the system.

Furthermore, let’s ponder for a moment. AT&T just rolled out their LTE service. Apple pushed back its iPhone announcement to a date that falls just beyond Big Blue’s LTE red carpet. So now with Verizon and AT&T as LTE juggernauts, it would make all the sense in the world for Apple to release a new LTE iPhone within the coming weeks. We’ve also heard rumors of AT&T testing an iPhone prototype with its LTE service.


iPhone 4G Leak 2

And based on iPhone history, we have witnessed the leap from the first-generation iPhone right up to the iPhone 3G, proving that Apple does not necessarily heed a chronological naming template.

The iPhone 4G. All of this scuttlebutt over the iPhone 5 has obscured a very plausible theory. Will we see the iPhone 4G instead of an iPhone 5? Will we get an iPhone 4S and nothing else, according to analysts? Is this all part of Apple’s grand marketing scheme?

Only time will tell.  Do you have any thoughts?

Update: We’re not the only one reading the comments, our tipster is also.  He/she assures us that Best Buy lists iPhone 4 cases and accessories as iPhone 4, NOT iPhone 4G.  This is a new listing, and does not denote the generation of the handset. (Update by Jon R)

Update 2: A UPC search (FVA3403) leads to a result indicating this is a case of iPhone 4 covers, which lends strong credibility to this being a Best Buy internal error and not a product reveal.  (Update by Sean)

[Thanks Anonymous]

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