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Facebook Documents Your Life with New Timeline Feature

by Mike Perlman | September 22, 2011September 22, 2011 11:26 am PST

Consider it a digital scrapbook with the ability to customize who you share it with and receive comments from others. But isn’t that what Facebook already is? Not quite, according to what we saw at the Facebook F8 Developer’s Conference today.

Mark Zuckerberg was giddier than a Kindergartner on Pixi Stix as he showcased Facebook’s latest flagship feature. According to the demonstration, Timeline will plot one’s life from the moment they were born up until the present moment. Pictures, videos and other posts will be chronologically ordered along a two-pane screen. The top of the page will feature a profile image of the person that spans across the entire page while the bottom of the page will state the date, time and birthplace of the person.

To address the potential accumulation of Timeline clutter, Facebook will compress older Timeline posts into the most important or profound plots along the way. However, Mr. Zuckerberg was not clear as to what methods will be involved regarding the whittling of older content.

As with regular Facebook, Timeline will include the option to share posts with a specific group of people or the general public, and commenting will have the same rights as well. My interpretation of Timeline is that it’s basically a user portfolio that can either showcase everyday events in one’s life, or pinnacles of achievement spanning one’s career. In fact, the latter seems more logical, since Facebook is already an amalgamation of all genres of user content in a blog/Twitter-type format.

Zuckerberg showed the Timeline page of a Travel fanatic, then one of a musician. Both looked like magazine features on the lives of important people. Obviously, Timeline is best suited for those looking to create an online scrapbook or professional portfolio. We’re not entirely sure how Timeline will be implemented into Facebook or when, but that information should be out soon. Zuckerberg also assures us that Timeline will perform well on mobile devices as pictured below.

And here’s a video of Timeline in action:

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