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Facebook Bolsters Open Graph, Links Apps to Ticker Panel

by Mike Perlman | September 22, 2011September 22, 2011 12:30 pm PST

If posting a status that reads “I’m blinking my eyes right now” is not intrusive and current enough for your taste, Facebook has announced its integration with a Live ticker panel. This means that people can know what you are doing exactly when you are doing it via a live ticker feed that updates in real time.

Furthermore, several applications like Words With Friends are now linked to Facebook’s Open Graph ticker panel so that every move in the game has the ability to be broadcasted live in front of all of your friends. So, if I play the word “Bogus” or “Fascism,” the live ticker panel in your Facebook profile will flash with an update that reads “Mike Perlman played Fascism for 39 points against Noah Kravitz in Words With Friends.” If you really have nothing better to do in life, you can then click to see the game being played live.

So, Facebook is providing more liveness to its page, in addition to the new Timeline feature that was just rolled out today. In addition, Slacker Radio has joined Facebook and will now enable users to share songs and playlists. For a more in-depth look at the Open Graph enhancements, check out the video below.

Mike Perlman

Mike Perlman grew up in Nintendo Land and developed a relationship with all things electronic and nerdy early on in his childhood career. Today,...