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Steam Selling 2 Indie Games Bundles for Dirt Cheap

by Joey Davidson | September 21, 2011September 21, 2011 8:45 am PDT

Steam has just announced their Midweek Madness deal. This time around, the Valve owned marketplace is offering up two different sets of independently developed games. The first set centers around 2D games from the indie space, while the second set features a host of indie strategy games.

Each bundle is worth roughly $50 ($100 if you were to buy both) without this sale; the new asking price is $9.99 per bundle. $20 will net you 10 unique, well-received indie games for the Steam platform.

Here’s what each separate bundle will entitle you to when purchased.

The Indie 2D Bundle includes: Swords & Soldiers HD, Bit.Trip Runner, World of Goo, NightSky, and NyxQuest.

The Indie Strategy Bundle includes: Revenge of the Titans, Sanctum, Sol Survivor, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

If you’re curious about system compatibility, head into each of the links in the quoted text above. Steam always indicates which platform games can be played on in graphic form near the purchase button. All of the games available work with Windows machines, while only six of them work with the Mac OS.

Each of these games sells for either $10 or $15 independently and outside of these bundles. If you have even a passing interest in one or two games from either pack, consider picking them up and doing your part to support indie game developers.

I can speak towards the quality of Bit.Trip Runner, World of Goo, Defense Grid: The Awakening and Revenge of the Titans. Each of these games are well made, unique and completely interesting. Their existence alone makes the price of the bundle worthwhile. But, odds are, the rest of the games being offered up are just as good. Are there any fans out there that can either corroborate or disprove my theory?

This week’s deal will last until Thursday (tomorrow) at 4 PM Pacific time. Will you be taking advantage?

[via Steam]

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