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Ikea Just Became a Guy’s Favorite Place to Shop Thanks to ‘Mänland’

by Killian Bell | September 21, 2011September 21, 2011 4:00 am PDT

One of life’s most tedious tasks for a man is following your better half around every shop in the mall so that you can watch them examine every single item that’s on sale. We’ve all had to endure this at some point, but thanks to a Swedish furniture giant, shopping for a new wardrobe could be the most enjoyable thing you do this weekend.

Like its existing ‘Smaland’ play areas for children, Ikea is introducing an area for guys that will allow them to enjoy a few games of Space Invaders or pinball while their partner goes shopping. It’s dubbed ‘Mänland’, and is described as a “crate for husbands and boyfriends with short retail attention spans. A place to hang out while their wives and girlfriends roam the isles of Ikea.”

Each store will have an area dedicated to Mänland, with widescreen TVs, games consoles, pinball & arcade machines, foosball tables… and the best bit? Free hot dogs and chips!

After leaving their partners in Mänland, the ladies are given a ‘buzzer’ that will remind them to collect their man after 30 minutes of play. And if they aren’t collected, an Ikea spokeswoman jokes, “we may have to call the authorities and have them taken away.”

I have to say, I think Mänland is a fantastic idea, and I believe it should become a legal requirement for every large store to provide play areas for men. And apparently, it’s not just us guys who feel the benefit:

“There’s really a look of relief when the women check their men into Mänland just knowing they’re not going to have a whinging guy hanging around with them while they’re shopping.”

The move was initially believed to be a hoax, created simply for publicity, but both AdWeek and have confirmed the story is indeed true.

Has your local Ikea installed its Mänland yet? What do you think of play areas for guys?

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