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Here Are Some Apple Gadgets That Never Saw The Light Of Day (Video)

by Killian Bell | September 20, 2011September 20, 2011 4:00 am PDT

Despite the company’s tremendous success with the iPhone, the iPad, and its latest line of Macs, not every Apple product has been a smash-hit. In fact, some of the company’s forward-thinking gadgets don’t even make it out of Cupertino.

In the video above, Matt Pearce takes a look at some Apple prototypes which you’ve probably never even heard of. These are gadgets that Apple has previously worked on, but decided to drop for one reason of another before going to market.

As Matt mentions in the video, it’s worth noting that some of these prototypes show hints of the Apple products we have today — such as the small form-factor keyboards, which boast chicklet keys like those seen on the keyboards of today; and prototype tablets that show the company was thinking about the iPad a long, long time before it launched.

Some of the devices you’ll see, however, are like nothing Apple makes today, and with good reason. That Currency Exchanger, for example, was never going to be a huge success.

Taking a quick look at these prototypes makes you think about some of the things Apple is working on today, which we may never ever see.

Would you buy that Currency Exchanger?

[via Cult of Mac]

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