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Leaked Memo Says Google Wallet Will Launch on Nexus S Today

by Killian Bell | September 19, 2011September 19, 2011 5:00 am PST

Google’s upcoming mobile payment service, Google Wallet, was teased in a humorous video featuring George Costanza over the weekend, but we could see the service launch today on the Nexus S. According to a leaked document, which is reportedly intended for Google’s payment partners, the near-field communications service will be available on the device from September 19. In case you haven’t quite cracked it yet, that’s today!

Google memo revealing Google Wallet launch date

The document, which describes the new Google Wallet service, made its way into the hands of TechCrunch, and states the feature is currently “only available with the Nexus S Android phones.” There’s no mention of an imminent expansion, which will undoubtedly be a disappointment to other Android users, however, for those of you with a Nexus S device, today could be your lucky day… as long as you’re on Sprint:

Google Wallet is launching September 19, 2011. Google Wallet is a smart phone application (app) that allows owners of the Sprint Nexus S Android phone to use their smart phone as a wallet.

Once Google Wallet is installed, the Sprint Nexus S phone may be used as a contactless (Tap and Pay) device at all PassPay enabled merchant terminals.

The document also explains who can use Google Wallet:

Only PassPay enabled Citi MasterCards may be loaded to Google Wallet. The wallet also features a Google prepaid MasterCard. Debit cards are not eligible for Google Wallet at this time.

The launch of Google Wallet today is rumored to coincide with the NFC World Congress, which begins today in France. SlashGear explains that while Google is not expected to be an exhibitor, MasterCard is the official sponsor of the show.

Will you be looking forward to Google Wallet on your Nexus S?

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