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Sandisk Intros A New 64GB microSDXC Card, It’s Probably Not Going To Work In Your Phone

by Emily Price | September 18, 2011September 18, 2011 2:00 pm PST

Sandisk has unveiled a new 64GB microSDXC card to be used in tablets and mobile phones. The card can double the storage capacity of many mobile phones and tablets on the market, and offers “up to 30MB/sec4 transfer speeds and offers the Class 6 performance needed to capture Full HD videos.”

Before you get too excited, chances are the card won’t work in the phone or tablet you’re currently toting around. In order for a device to use a microSDXC card, that device will need to support microSDXC. While tons of devices currently support microSD, they don’t support the card’s much larger capacity cousin microSDXC.

Sandisk is predicting that most mobile phones will sport microSDXC slots by 2014. The current standard is for microSD, which is only capable of holding up to 32GB of data. While a microSDXC card might fit in the traditional microSD slot on your phone, your phone won’t be able to read it if it wasn’t made to support microSDXC.

As we start to store more and more on our phones we’re likely to start to see larger capacity memory cards to keep track of all that data. It’s great that Sandisk is working a little ahead of the curve and already offering cards for future devices. Although, with the boom in cloud service, by the time we have devices that will use larger memory cards we may not need them since we’re storing everything in a cloud rather than locally.

What would your ideal amount of mobile storage be?

Emily Price

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