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iPhone 5 Screen Protector Images Suggest Home Touch Panel?

by Mike Perlman | September 15, 2011September 15, 2011 8:50 am PDT


As Flavor Flav once said, “Don’t believe the hype.” But the real Public Enemy here is the lack of information surrounding the iPhone 5 and its whereabouts, let alone the mystery device’s potential existence. As the clues assemble–some more plausible than others–we are still left within a nebula, which is exactly where Apple wants us.

Take these images of an i-device screen cover. I am not referring to it as an iPhone 5 screen cover, nor am I referring to it as an iPod screen cover. That would be shoddy journalism. Yet, you’re bound to see oodles of sites report that this screen cover suggests that the iPhone 5 will have a wider, oval touch Home panel and elongated in-call speaker and sensor panel.

The rumor, manufactured in China by and supplemented with pictures of what appears to be an i-device screen cover, is running rampant at the moment. So, I’m here to give you a public service announcement:

  • Don’t Believe the Hype.
  • Wait until the iPhone 5 comes out.
  • Always be good to your mother.
  • Eat organic vegetables.
  • Exercise daily.

This has been a message from the TechnoBuffalo iPhone 5 Rumor Department.


Mike Perlman

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