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HTC Bliss and Runnymede to be Renamed to Rhyme and Bass?

HTC RhymeIt seems that someone knocked at least some sense into HTC in regards to some of the recent handset names we’ve been hearing, but the new choices aren’t all that much better.

Apparently when HTC signed the recent deal to include Beats by Dr. Dre in their phones, they also got the idea that perhaps their model names should now reflect the musical enhancement that would be coming along with the tech.  To that end, it seems that two upcoming phones have been renamed to the HTC Rhyme and HTC Bass.

First up, U.K. retailer Handtec is showing the HTC Runnymede under the name “HTC Bass.”  This is the first report of this new name, but seeing as we don’t even have firm specs on this device yet, you need to take pretty much everything with a grain of salt.  Even though the musically-themed names may not the best, it is definitely an improvement over “Runnymede.”

The big oddity comes in the form of the second rumor about the HTC Bliss.  We’ve been hearing a lot about this handset for some time now and how it will be targeted at female users, even going so far as to have a “charm indicator.”  German HTC blog HTCInside is reporting that the phone has now picked up the name of “HTC Rhyme.”  (pictured in this post)  It appears it will be running the more minimalistic HTC Sense 3.5, but one has to wonder if HTC has changed their minds about who they are marketing this towards.  While Bliss did sound more female friendly, there is really nothing about the name Rhyme that really screams, “Women will want to buy this!” to me.

Until HTC officially unveils both of these handsets we’ll have no idea which names are correct, but for now, we’re betting on Rhyme and Bass being the correct ones.

What do you think of the new names for these handsets?

[Via AndroidCentral, Sources Handtec and HTCInside]

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