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Dead Island DLC Takes Back Seat to Bug Removal

There is DLC planned for Dead Island. It’s just that gamers, fans and supporters will need to wait a little longer than previously thought in order to see it. The reason for that delay? The game shipped with its fair share of bugs, glitches and server problems.

That’s not even including the fact that Deep Silver accidentally published a developer’s build of the game to the popular PC gaming platform, Steam.

Deep Silver gave Kotaku the skinny when it comes to Techland, the game’s developer, and their current priority roster.

“Right now the Dead Island development team’s priority is working on fixes and updates across all platforms so that we can take care of all of the fans who have been so supportive of our game…There is some awesome DLC content planned for Dead Island, but first we have to put all our focus on the base game experience.”

They should definitely hold bug squashing as priority number one right now, certainly for the sake of their fans and customers. If you head to the game’s official Twitter account, you’ll notice they’ve been constantly reassuring gamers that they are aware of the pressing bugs and will be fixing them as soon as possible. One has to assume that the company has been absolutely flooded with complaints and requests for help.

Curiously missing from the write-ups I’ve been reading around the Internet regarding the bugs in Dead Island is the often included level of frustration and anger from the gaming press. Sure, people are upset, but no one seems to be spitting venom at this property yet. Folks seem, strangely enough, patient.

Of course, I’ve been cranky over the Xbox 360 cooperative multiplayer experience ever since the evening I purchased the game. Trying to play with three or more friends has been rendered impossible by server load. The game has since, apparently, been patched. I’ll be trying tonight to see if that has resolved some of my issues.

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