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Sprint Memo Confirms Wi-Fi Hotspot Coming to BlackBerry 7 OS

Are you one of the early adopters of one of RIM’s new BlackBerry 7 OS lineup? If you are, you may be familiar with the label on its box that reads “Hot Spot Capable.” However, despite this label, none of these devices really are hotspot capable… at least not right now. But they will be.

Sprint memo confirms BlackBerry hotspot

A leaked Sprint memo sent out to employees confirms that RIM will be introducing the Wi-Fi hotspot feature in the first major BlackBerry 7 OS update set to launch during the fourth quarter of this year. The memo reads:

Action Required: BlackBerry Torch Packaging Clarification

The packaging for this devices states “Hot Spot Capable.” Educate your customers that this feature is not yet available on this device, but it will be available in the first major software update coming in the fourth quarter.

Although the memo only confirms this feature is coming for Sprint subscribers purchasing the BlackBerry Torch, we’re assuming it will also roll out to other carriers and other BlackBerry devices around the same time.

What’s also unclear at this point is what carriers will charge customers to take advantage of this service. For other smartphones, carriers usually charge an additional fee each month for sharing the data connection with other devices.

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature allows users to share their BlackBerry’s data connection with other devices over Wi-Fi. For example, rather than paying for data on your BlackBerry and on your tablet, you can connect your tablet to your smartphone while you’re out and about and use one data connection to surf the internet on both devices.

While further details are pretty sparse for the time being, it’s good to hear your BlackBerry will finally get a Wi-Fi hotspot feature. Is this something you will be taking advantage of?

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