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This Bentley Concept Boasts Two iPads, an iPod touch and a Mac Mini

Bentley Mulsanne concept head

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly want a Bentley any more than you do now, Bentley shows off this fancy concept for its flagship Mulsanne — complete with two iPads, an iPod touch and a Mac mini.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. It took Bentley’s craftsmen 170 hours to elegantly build each of Apple’s devices into the Mulsanne’s hand-crafted interior. It boasts retractable workstations in each seat that give passengers in the back an iPad workstation — complete with Apple wireless keyboards — and it doesn’t stop there.

Bentley Mulsanne concept iPad

There’s a Mac mini in the trunk that acts as a media center for the large (for a car) 15.6-inch HD display, which drops down from the roof; and an iPod touch docked in the front that acts as a control panel for the rear seat entertainment and the Mac mini media center. The vehicle even has full internet access so that each device can be hooked up to the web while on the road.

This isn’t just another shoddy Xzibit pimping; this is the most beautiful Apple gadget integration we’ve ever seen in a vehicle. And I for one want one!

Bentley Mulsanne concept Mac mini

Bentley’s Alasdair Stewart said the vehicle provides executives with an office while they’re away from the office:

“Many customers use their time in the Mulsanne to keep on top of their business commitments or simply take a few moments to relax. This fully functioning concept highlights the Mulsanne’s potential to help busy executives to communicate effectively and quickly whilst travelling.”

Unfortunately — not that I can afford one anyway — this Mulsanne is just a concept at present, but it gives us a good idea of Bentley’s plans for the future. If this is what the company is working on now, I can’t wait to see what the Mulsanne is packing by the time I’ve saved up for one.

Bentley Mulsanne concept iPod touch

What do you think of the Bentley Mulsanne concept? Absolutely awesome or just too unnecessary?

[via 9to5 Mac, images courtesy of Dexigner]

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