Email Accounts: What They Say About You (Infographic)

by Emily Price | September 12, 2011

Before there was ever an iPhone vs. Android platform debate, there was Gmail vs. Yahoo, or even better Yahoo vs. Hotmail. I currently interact online with only Gmail users, which if I had to explain it would be because I feel like Gmail is a superior service, and I tend to hang with a nerdy/techie crowd that realizes that, although that analysis may be far from the actual truth.

The guys at Volt Workforce Solutions took a look at Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail users and created this infographic showing what your email service selection says about you. The results are pretty interesting. Over half of the “light industrial” workers surveyed use Yahoo as their email provider, while more than a third of those in the I.T. Field use Gmail. Those with doctorate degrees also tend to lean toward Gmail, while those with just a high school education stick primarily with Yahoo.

Check out the all the details (click the image for a larger view), and tell us what email client you use and why in the comments!



Emily Price

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