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BlackBerry Bold R47: Designed by Porsche?

BlackBerry Bold R47

the tale of the BlackBerry Bold R47 gets stranger by the day. The latest addition to the tale of this odd looking phone from RIM is that it wasn’t designed by them at all, but instead by the good folks at Porsche – yes, the car company.

When we first ran the images of the BlackBerry Bold R47 the other day, I likened it to almost feeling like a concept car, and it seems that I may not have been too far off the mark.  According to sources that talked to CrackBerry, this may be a a design done by Porsche.  That got me to thinking that the word “Proceeding” at the top seemed awfully familiar looking, so I did a comparison.

BlackBerry Bold R47 font comparison

While certainly not a forensic comparison, I would say we have a pretty darn close match, wouldn’t you?

Supposedly the codename “Knight” is also being thrown around, which would also fit in with the Porsche idea as their logo involves a knight chess piece, so the concept that this may be a limited edition phone is definitely picking up some steam.  Any time you throw the Porsche name or logo on a product it can command a high price, so it’s highly doubtful you will ever walk into your nearest carrier store and just find this sitting there as your possible next subsidized phone.

Reaction to the BlackBerry Bold R47 has been decidedly mixed, but now that it appears we can safely say this isn’t for the mass market, it makes for an interesting conversation piece.

What do you think?  Is the BlackBerry Bold R47 some sort of Porsche-related limited edition?

[via CrackBerry]

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