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Mysterious BlackBerry Bold R47 (9980) Gets Caught on Video

The mysterious BlackBerry Bold R47 , possibly also called the BlackBerry 9980, that we discussed yesterday has surfaced again, and this time it’s on video.  It looks pretty definite that we can toss all those theories about this being a fan made phone out of the window.

What we learn from the video posted by BerryCN is that it does appear to be a fully functioning handset with a touchscreen, and the about screen shows off its model name as “BlackBerry Bold R47.”  As for other tidbits gleaned from the video, it is running BlackBerry 7 OS, Wi-Fi, 3G, NFC and essentially the same internals as the BlackBerry 9900.

According to the Google Translate version of the Chinese site, it is some form of “limited edition luxury model,” so we have no clues as to when or if this will ever be released, or by what means.

For now, consider this an oddity in the world of the BlackBerry phones, but an intriguing one to be sure.

[via CrackBerry, source BerryCN]

Sean P. Aune

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